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A New Class Of Dog Wear
Genuine Leather Collection.
A Style For Every Look,
With A Twist of Refinement.
A Colour For Every Season.
Spring Is Here After All!
Made In Canada.
Upholding Only Exceptional Quality.
Custom Collars Available!
Experience Canadian Craftsmanship.
Waterproof Dog Collars?
Got Em.
Black, Red & Beige Lines.
What's Your Choice?

Genuine Leather Leashes

Leather leashes starting at $89. Sizes available from 4-6ft. Experience what a leash should feel like.

Genuine Leather Collars

Sourced from genuine hides, crafted with expert precision and care. Each collar is unique in its own right.

Soft to the touch, easy to handle. The leather collection is a product of the test of time, never failing to impress.

Starting at $55.

Custom Collar Corner!

Interested in making your collar truly your unique to you and your furry friend?

We offer custom collar customization capabilities to quickly and easily engrave your furry friends name.


Take it a step further and get a customized plated to add the extra flare and some more information we cant do otherwise! (e.g. phone number, address, or a cute quote!)

Vegan Leather Collars

Waterproof Polymer Coated Strapping. Genuine Leather Feel. Leather Free. Starting at $35.

The Dog Collar. Re-Defined.

Each piece has been carefully hand-crafted to ensure the upmost quality in our gear for your fluffy friend.
Designed and manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, we strive to ensure quality and functionality meet style.

With every purchase, 1% of all orders, will be donated to the local animal shelter.
We believe in local sustainability and accountability.  

Featured Collection: Genuine Leather Collar 25mm

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